Tuesday, 4 April 2017

ERASMUS-MEETING in Tortosa: Day 3

Tuesday morning we met in the school yard of the Institute de l'Ebre and prepared the stands for the good visited trade fair. More than 500 people from all over Catalonia and the four international ERASMUS-teams took part in the second meeting point organised by the team of Tortosa. We also participated in the competition "Elevator pitch", where the teams had to present their company and marketing strategy in front of an international jury. The Slovakian and the Swedish team could convince the six members of the jury. Furthermore we were impressed by three entrepreneurs who gave us an overview about their business plans and their ways of life. What we caught from their speeches is this phrase: "Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn, but never give up and jump, if it is necessary". We have made a lot of new business contacts especially with Spanish training firms. At 14.00 o'clock we dismantled our booths and we got invited to a special Catalonian lunch. In the afternoon our students were invited to a barbecue and the teachers had the opportunity to explore the old city center of Tortosa with some locals. 

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