Friday, 29 April 2016

Good bye Sweden

29 April 2016

It's time to say good bye to Sweden and our Swedish, Czech, Slovak and Spanish friends. We 've had a very exciting week here.
Our memories of Sweden will be good ones:
  • Swedish people are very friendly, open-minded, relaxed and some of them are extremely talkative.
  • The landscape is flat and there is a lot of space: for students, for teachers, for animals and people alike.
  • Bikes, bikes bikes... everywhere! But no elk anywhere!
We would like to say thank you to the Swedish teachers and students for their hospitality!

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Sweden Day 5

28 April 2016

Today the students had to come up with questions they would like to ask entrepreneurs in the city of Mjölby, mainly about their way to success. Then they were sent to shops in the shopping centre to interview the shop owners or managers. Ritchard Dabaghi, the owner of an exclusive chocolate and candy store, told the students about the ingredients of being successful in business: you have to love what you do, believe in yourself and have a good plan.

After lunch we visited Ödeshög Mekaniska, a factory specialising in lasercutting and gascutting and one of the main suppliers of Toyota forklift truck. Karin Claesson talked about the history of the factory and its secret of success, i.e. constantly focusing on improvement.

In the evening we had a delicious farewell dinner at the school, a typical smöregasbord.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Sweden Day 4

Today we had an interesting presentation. Mattias Eriksson, Logistics Manager of ÖoB, shared valuable advice on how to be successful in business with us.
Afterwards the students worked in international teams and came up with unusual and creative business ideas like a mobile phone coffee case.
After lunch we had the opportunity to attend a German lesson with Mr Klein.

Sweden Day 3

On our third day we went by train to Linköping from where we took the bus to the Swedish aircraft museum. Standing next to the big planes hearing about their history was pretty impressive.

In the afternoon we visited Gamla Linköping, an open air museum of the old town of Linköping. The highlight was definitely candy shopping in the old stores.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Sweden Day 2

25 April 2016

Some of us went to school by bike, Simon even on a tandem. Today we started with a tour of the school.  Our first impression: there is a lot of space!!!! For studying as well as relaxing. In Sweden, everybody seems to be relaxed.

Then we were split up into international teams and sent on a treasure hunt through Mjölby. So we got the chance to get to know the village better, but also each other. Temperatures just above zero and sunshine.

After having lunch at school we enjoyed a presentation about Sweden, which was - let's put it that way- unusual, charming and hilariously funny.

In the afternoon all the students held their presentation about the labour market in their countries.