Friday, 21 October 2016


On our last day in Kosice the teachers started planning the next mobility to Tortosa at 8 o'clock in the morning. Then all students and teachers met in the auditorium for evaluation of the project meeting  and handing over of the certificates. Time had come to say good bye and thank you to our friends from Czech Republic, Spain, Sweden and of course Solvakia. The Slovak Team did a great job and we all will remember the hospitality of the students and teachers of Kosice. The Austrian Team took the train back to Austria at noon and arrived - exhausted but very satisfied and full of memories - at 21.15 in Amstetten. We are looking forword to meeting each other in Tortosa in April 2017! Vamos ;-)


On the 20th of October all teachers were visiting two lessons again and learnt much about the Solvakian culture again. First and third graders of the bilingual branch of this commercial college hold presentations about Slovakia, typical Slovak food, the most important sights and famous people from their country. In the meanwhile our students hat to prepare presentations about the SWOT analysis of the chosen training company at the international fair. After a short coffee break we had the opportunity to discuss with a Slovak entrepreneur. Mr. Tomas Bel runs a trading company in Kosice with more than 300 employees and he was talking about his experiences in setting up a business. Afterwards we were watching the film "The Call of the Entrepreneur" in the auditorium. In the afternoom we all had free time and went sightseeing and shopping in the city center. The Slovakian students arranged a student's activity in the evening. All teams from the partner schools met at a bowling center. After bowling all students went to a karaoke bar: Music is the most international language! This was fun for our students but also a little bit sad, because of the fact that our ERASMUS+ meeting will come to an and soon.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

ERASMUS-Meeting in Kosice: Day 4

On wednesday morning all teacher had the opportunity for sitting in classes. We were attending an English class for first graders and an economy class. Afterwards we discussed about the different school systems of the partner countries. Our students started with another workshop. They worked out a questionnaire for their SWOT analysis of a chosen training firm. Then each teach showed a traditional or popular dance from their own country and all participants danced together. This was a very funny experience. After lunch at school we were transported to the International Training Company Fair, which is organized from our Slovak partner school. The opening ceremony was very interesting and we learnt a lot about Slovakian culture as well. Shortly afterwards our students made their interviews where they should identify strengths and weaknesses of the chosen training firms. The Internation Trade Fair ended at 15.30. The afternoon was free so that all participants had the posibility of going shopping or relaxing.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016


On our third day we went by bus on a one day sightseeing trip. The first stop was at Drienovec water purification plant. Then we drove to the famous Jasov cave. This cave belongs to the most important caves of the Slovak Kast National Park. The cave reaches a length of 2 811 m with a vertical span of 55 meters. Discovering the mysterious underground of the Jasovska Rock was pretty impressive. After our tour in this cave we had the opportunity to visit an important company for the Kosice region called Kolonial, which is specialized in powder coating of metallurgical materials. Finally we stopped by an tiny water mill and iron forge in Medzev. Medzev has been know as an ironworking and blacksmithing village since 1376. The blacksmith masters were mainly Carpathian Germans. We were very surpriesed as our guide started talking German in an old Austrian dialect. In the evening all teachers met in the restaurant Zlaty Dukat. The headmaster of Obchodna Akademia Mr. Orsagh welcomed us warmly and stressed in his little speech how important international partnerships in these days are. Afterwards the Slovak team invited us to an typical Slovakian autumn dinner - goose with red cabbage and potatoe pancakes. It tasted delicious. Thank you for this very communicative and funny evening!

Monday, 17 October 2016

ERASMUS-Meeting in Kosice: Day 2

On the 17th of October our students were brought to Obchodna Akademia, our partner school in Kosice by their host sisters. Our programme started on 8 o'clock with a presentation about Slovakia followed by a school tour. After a short break our first workshop began. All students were devided into international groups. During this workshop they had a focus on the SWOT-Analysis. Afterwards all teams presented the results of their SWOT-Analysis of Conditions of Farming and Agricultural Entreneuerial Activities, which they had already prepared at home. After lunch we were walking to the city centre for sightseeing. Kosice is the biggest city in eastern Slovakia and in 2013 it was the European Capital of Culture. With a population of approximately 240.000, Kosice ist the second largest city in Slovakia. The city has a well-preserved historical centre, which is the largest among Slovak towns. We were very impressed by Slovakia's largest church, the St. Elisabeth Cathedral. Although it was raining we enyojed the long main street with many heritage protected buildings in Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau  styles. Thank you for this well organised guided tour. Kosice is really a wonderful city!

Sunday, 16 October 2016

ERASMUS-Meeting in Kosice: Day 1

The Austrian Team started their journey to Kosice (Slovakia) on Sunday morning at 9.00 o'clock. Our trip by train takes us more than 8 hours, but we are looking forward to seeing our European Partners from Spain, Sweden, Slovakia and the Czech Republic again. In this meeting we are focusing on marketing issues and the SWOT-Analysis.

Friday, 29 April 2016

Good bye Sweden

29 April 2016

It's time to say good bye to Sweden and our Swedish, Czech, Slovak and Spanish friends. We 've had a very exciting week here.
Our memories of Sweden will be good ones:
  • Swedish people are very friendly, open-minded, relaxed and some of them are extremely talkative.
  • The landscape is flat and there is a lot of space: for students, for teachers, for animals and people alike.
  • Bikes, bikes bikes... everywhere! But no elk anywhere!
We would like to say thank you to the Swedish teachers and students for their hospitality!

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Sweden Day 5

28 April 2016

Today the students had to come up with questions they would like to ask entrepreneurs in the city of Mjölby, mainly about their way to success. Then they were sent to shops in the shopping centre to interview the shop owners or managers. Ritchard Dabaghi, the owner of an exclusive chocolate and candy store, told the students about the ingredients of being successful in business: you have to love what you do, believe in yourself and have a good plan.

After lunch we visited Ödeshög Mekaniska, a factory specialising in lasercutting and gascutting and one of the main suppliers of Toyota forklift truck. Karin Claesson talked about the history of the factory and its secret of success, i.e. constantly focusing on improvement.

In the evening we had a delicious farewell dinner at the school, a typical smöregasbord.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Sweden Day 4

Today we had an interesting presentation. Mattias Eriksson, Logistics Manager of ÖoB, shared valuable advice on how to be successful in business with us.
Afterwards the students worked in international teams and came up with unusual and creative business ideas like a mobile phone coffee case.
After lunch we had the opportunity to attend a German lesson with Mr Klein.

Sweden Day 3

On our third day we went by train to Linköping from where we took the bus to the Swedish aircraft museum. Standing next to the big planes hearing about their history was pretty impressive.

In the afternoon we visited Gamla Linköping, an open air museum of the old town of Linköping. The highlight was definitely candy shopping in the old stores.